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My work is intensely personal, an extension of my own inner exploration and contemplation.  Intense emotional investigation through image making has resulted in emotive self-portraiture, which comprises a large portion of my main body of work. These images are conscious constructions typically requiring forethought, staging, and repeated attempts to encapsulate my expressive concern. Despite being almost theatrically produced, the images I make of myself are often ambivalent, requiring some interpretation from the viewer.


The same backbone of emotional concern exists in my portraits of others and my documentation of environments. Most of my portraiture is candid imagery of those with whom I have strong personal ties. More than capturing a flattering image I attempt to investigate the ways in which their inner lives leak into their physical presence, perhaps in the form of a fleeting expression or gesture, or an interaction with the environment. The disparity between what is shown and not shown is a very present concern. The presence of the camera and the interplay between it and the subject also fascinates me, as I am typically a part of the scene that I am photographing and thus continuing to interact with and respond to it.


In formal terms, I find myself compositionally drawn to large areas of negative space, particularly in portraiture where it is used as visual breathing room for my subjects. I work in many different formats, using a wide variety of cameras and processes both digital and analog. Instant film and historical processes introduce an element of chance that moves the image beyond mere documentation into a more exploratory realm. Extending the creation process by using tactile, experimental, printmaking, or collage methods is a way of further physicalizing - and thus realizing - the images and their subjects.